Rock Chip Repair – Procedure and Cost

Your car’s windshield is very strong but it can be damaged. If the windshield suffers any impact, large or small, it can cause holes or cracks. If it is minor damage you can have the process called rock chip repair done. One example of how this type of damage could occur is if you are following behind a dump truck and a small stone flies off and hits the windshield can cause a small hole in your windshield. When some people notices this hole they think they should have the windshield replaced. This can cost more money than you need to pay if you just have it repaired. Approximately seventy-five percent of damage to the windshield can be repaired.

Requirements for rock chip repair

The main requirement is that the crack or hole cannot be in the direct line of sight of the driver because some repair work can leave a mark behind. If this mark is between the visibility and of the driver, it can cause problems. If you wait and the crack spiders out it can be hard to repair because over time it will gather debris and dust making the repair results less than satisfactory. If you cannot get it repaired immediately, cover the hole or crack with clear tape to prevent dust and debris from getting inside it.

Procedure for rock chip repair

You can do this repair yourself by using a kit that you can purchase at auto repair stores. This kit contains the adhesive compound and a syringe. The instructions are in the kit. It is advisable to have the rock chip repair done by a professional because doing it yourself can leave you with a messy job and possibly replacement of the windshield. When the professional auto glass technician does the job, they will first clean the windshield and vacuum the chip to get rid of any debris or glass shards in the crack or hole. An optically compatible glass resin is injected into the crack or hole and then sealed dry using an ultraviolet light. This will help to prevent the class from cracking more from the area where the hole or crack was.

Cost of rock chip repair

If you decide to use the kit it will cost approximately thirty dollars but if you take it to an auto glass repair service it will cost approximately sixty dollars for the first process and twenty dollars for every other rock chip repair on the windshield done on this visit. If you have multiple cracks or holes or had this repair work done before you should choose to replace the windshield. Normally this type of repair work is covered by your auto insurance but you should check first.


A Few Amazing Tips To Find The Best Road Assistance Plan

Once you have understood the benefits of a good roadside help plan, the next step is to look for a plan which will meet all your needs. Finding the right plan will take some time. It is very important to consider certain aspects before choosing a plan. This is something you’ll need during an emergency or if some mishap happens while you’re travelling on road.

You should always choose the services in advance so that you don’t make a bad choice. The kind of plan you choose depends on the company you have chosen. There are many companies out there in the market who can offer you a good package at an affordable price. However, it is advisable to shop around and look for all the companies to find the one who will offer the best price.

It doesn’t mean that price is the deciding factor. Cheap price is not always the best option. Make sure that the company is reliable and trustworthy. They should offer all the services you need.

Explore All The Available Options

You will get many options when you are looking for a roadside help plan. Each and every plan has its own benefits. The first plan you choose should have a complete package. This will cover everything you need if any mishap happens in the road. It also includes towing which you will need if you meet an accident or if there is a major breakdown in the middle of the road.

A complete package also offers services to deal with locksmiths, dead batteries, flat tires etc. They usually offer services 24/7. Few of the companies also give great discounts to old customers. If you are choosing a limited plan it will only cover certain specific services. For instance, they will cover towing and will replace dead batteries.

How To Find The Best Roadside Assistance Plan?

While you are looking for the right plan which is suitable for you consider the kind of lifestyle you have. If you are too much into travelling then go for a complete package.

You can avail many benefits if you choose that package. Speak with the company. Tell them what do you exactly need. A good company will explain you everything you need. They will answer all your queries. However, if you drive sometimes and don’t travel regularly then choose a basic package. Keep all these tips in mind to find the best package.